New Year Hunt Hints & Gifts

*The Shops without links haven't sent to me their hints,they will be skipped from the hunt
Starting Point-Nefeli's Gestures: Movies!
1.Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes : Only CARI good thoughts into the New Year!
2.SANNA-SCIENCE and ART-Animated Textures Full Perm: Somewhere over the rainbow ... or was it under ?
3.Riacat Kitties: This looks like a good place to take a seat. (use tp pad from club to get down to the stores)
4.Sour Pickles: Check the hint giver
7.The Sissy Bar:  Disguising myself at the gas pump
8.Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop: Find the prize... among the African and Ethnic gifts!
9.Timeless Textures: I don't know...I really have MIXED feelings about this.
10.Third Moon Creations- G!A: Are You Lucky?
12.Carrie's Lingerie: its time for new hopes, new dreams, and a new beginning - George Michael Said You gotta have
13.OMG! Inc: Above the lala
14.Sassy Brats:  Isnt she the cutest?
15.Grumble: That's the spirit!
16.Reina Photography {RP}:  Take a moment to really reflect
17.Delightful Creations: A skeleton holds the gift.
18.MadCatCreations(Adult Sim): up up and away!
19.Epicine(Adult Sim):
20.Latex Station(Adult Sim): Its new years Victoriana time to celebrate!
21.7 Deadly s[K]ins(Adult Sim): You are crossing a bridge doing this hunt
22.Twistys Twistalicious Creations(Adult Sim): Perched on top of the Midnight Mania Board!

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