Hunt Rules

*The gift must respect the theme of the Hunt

*NO resellers,NO Business in a box(BIAB),NO Freebies

*Respect the Timeline

*If you have to drop from the Hunt,please let me know ASAP

*Please be creative

*If your store is changed before or in the hunt,please let me know

*Don't rename the Hunt object

*Don't modify the colour,the settings and the price of the Hunt Object
*Use ONLY the hunt object you'll find in the final box
*Don't delete the LM inside the hunt object and DON'T use any other script

*Gifts must be for female,male or Unisex in Only A object

*Use the Trails if you have a big Shop

*Adult sims will be placed in the last positions,eccept Sponsors

*If you are accepted as a sponsor you can send notices for sales,dollarbies,news ect until the end of the Hunt(Max 5 notices at day)

*If you are accepted as a sponsor and you can't join it in future or for any other reasons you won't to be a sponsor, I will not give you your money back
*If you must go away in RL and you can't partecipate at the hunt,please let me know

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