Funny Hunt Hints & Pics

1.MISS JEWELL: I do love mesh bodies
2.The Happy Hat: The HUNT HINT knows on where the funny goes.
3.SANNA-SCIENCE and ART: Do you think it is funny to get punched in the face every day, or better said, every night ?
4.Timeless Textures: WOW bargains for 1L or 50L OR LESS, it was totally worth walking ALL THE WAY UP here!
5.Snark n Stuff Gestures: Ew! It's sticky! Who puts gum there?!
6.Lillou's Designs: "New" is my favorite word.
7.Get Duck'd!(Adult Sim): Face planted in the back
☻8.: Eclectic Stars :.SKIP

☻9.**Dokkaebi**: SKIP

10.ROSENGARTEN: "Animals are so good to play with"
11.Lunar Seasonal Designs: Well that's a WHIRL!

13.Stitches Creations: Playing in the snow!
14.Maple Leaf Gestures: You may get claustrophobic when you almost have to duck down to get your prize in this narrow spot.

15.HHVET Victoriana: play a piano tune
16.Inara's Fantasy Couture: ON the back wall

17.rOrO & The Odd Eyed Cat: Get your Maitreya Nails done!
18.Serendipity Designs: Nothing says Summer like The Old Red White and Blue
19.StoraxTree: Look near hunt poster
20.Celestial Designs: What better to way to laugh out loud than with a good comedy. 
21.Wiccan Wears: Take a seat and read a book
22.Uni Boutique(Adult Sim): Gacha
23.X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS(Adult Sim): So you think you are funny.  You are in he DOGHOUSE pal.

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